Week commencing 31 May 2010

Tuesday 1 June
12PM – 6.59m – General run – 1:00:00 – 9:06 – hr 155 (74% WHR)

Wednesday 2 June
12PM – 4.14m – Recovery run – 39:12 – 9:28 – hr 147 (68% WHR)

Went out with a colleague for a nice gentle run, was nice not to have the watch beeping at me for having a hight heart rate and then to find I was on target as well was even better.

Thursday 3 June
12PM – 6.36m – General run – 1:00:00 – 9:26 – hr 158 (76% WHR)

Not much to say other than for most of the run I had my watch beeping at me telling me my heard rate was too high and whatever I did I couldn’t get a nice pace going oh and the flies grrrr!

Thursday 3 June
9PM – 3.26m – Recovery run – 32:30 – 9:58 – hr 146 (68% WHR)

Not part of the plan but after cooking, cleaning, washing up I thought what else I could do and decided on a run to ease the troubles of the day and at that time of night was very nice and did the trick.

Friday 4 June
12PM – 6.4m – General run – 1:00:00 – 9:23 – hr 157 (75% WHR)

Put sun cream on for this race decided against asking my colleagues to help apply it to my back mind…. More flies and more annoying beeps from the watch which almost made it into the river with frustration I think I may give running at lunch time a miss unless it is cool.

Saturday 5 June
Rest day

Sunday 6 June
9PM – 17m – Progressive run – 2:42:18 – 9:33 – hr 156 (75% WHR)

Was going to run in the Sinfin Classic but decided to have a weekend off and get some long distance training in. First couple of miles my legs were tight and stiff but they soon eased off and had no problems at all until coming to the last three when they started to get tired but an enjoyable run.

So weekly mileage = 43.76 +30.93 from last week.