Running log week commencing 7 June 2010

Monday 7 June
Rest day

Tuesday 8 June
5PM – 6.93m – General – 1:00:00 – 8:39 – hr 157 (75% WHR)

I went out for a run and expected myself to be a little stiff and aching even the return of shin splints etc but was pleasantly surprised to find none of the above and I even had plenty to up it from a recovery run to general which was good and one of the best paces I’ve had on a general run since swapping to heart rate training.

Wednesday 9 June
12PM – 4.19m – Recovery run – 37.43 – 9:00 – hr 147 (68% WHR)

Went out with a colleague again nice improvement on last week, I may have pushed her a little too hard but she coped well and it was a good run.

Thursday 10 June
12PM – 6.96m – General run – 1:00:00 – 8:37 – hr 156 (75% WHR)

Good solid run felt good.

Friday 11 June
Rest day

Didn’t manage to get out for a run 🙁

Saturday 12 June
Rest day

Although not quite as went to the gym and had a good session on the rowing machine and bike before a swim.

Sunday 13 June
2PM – 4.75m – Casual run – 42:55 – 9:02 – hr 155 (74% WHR)

Was supposed to be a nice recovery type run hopefully getting into double figures but wasn’t aiming to push. I was in Sheffield though and it was raining, on the downhills my shins had a shooting pain every time the foot landed and then going up the calfs weren’t great so ended up cutting it short. Bit disappointed to be honest.

This was another week where I decided to ease up after the mileage I did last week.

So weekly mileage = 22.84 -20.92 from last week.