HPRC Heritage Grand Prix – Race 1 – Holme Pierrepont

It was the first of the four races today a nice fast 10k around Holme Pierrepoint, well it was a fast course but not fast weather. 36°C when I left work but I think more like 28-26 when I got the the race.

Arrived nice and early with about 45mins before the race was due to start and had a wonder around and a bit of a warm up not that I needed much of one. Following the herd I found the start and as I lined up was spotted by Zoe after a high and a good luck we were off.

Plan was to run in Zone 4 which for me is 85%-89% or 169-176bpm and see what happened and so thats what I did.

For the first half I was nicely passing people sometimes stopping behind someone for a moment to allow the HR to come down if it had peaked a bit and to catch a breath if I had got ahead of myself but the overtaking soon stopped as we got to the half way point. Unfortunately I let a few past me at that point as the heat was now starting to take effect and everyone was searching for shade so I settled down into a nice rythme and just saved myself to make sure I had a bit at the end.

With about 3K to go I realised I had someone sat on my shoulder and every now and then they would try and have a go fortunately this just spurred me on to keep them behind which I managed to do until the last 1K when I realised that they had more in the tank than me and speeded up beyond my reach as I got to about 400 metres I saw Pete walking back and gave him a wave before taking a deep breath and sprinting to the finish.

Official time 49:34

All in all a good run and I finally get to meet a couple of members of the club which was nice now to the next and a nice 4 miles on Thursday for race 2.

Garmin details which shows it all nicely.

Because I’m stats mad here are a few details after the break –

Split Summary
1) – 1m – 7:20(7:20/m) – 156bpm avge – 172bpm max – 124cal
2) – 1m – 7:19(7:19/m) – 174bpm avge – 179bpm max – 142cal
3) – 1m – 7:49(7:49/m) – 175bpm avge – 179bpm max – 154cal
4) – 1m – 8:32(8:32/m) – 173bpm avge – 179bpm max – 163cal
5) – 1m – 8:18(8:18/m) – 174bpm avge – 178bpm max – 159cal
6) – 1m – 8:22(8:22/m) – 175bpm avge – 180bpm max – 162cal
7) – 0.24m – 1:42(7:03/m) – 179bpm avge – 184bpm max – 32cal

Heart Rate Zone Summary
HR Zone: 41-147bpm (Sub 70%): 3.3%
HR Zone: 147-154bpm (71-75%): 2.2%
HR Zone: 154-162bpm (76-80%): 1.7%
HR Zone: 162-169bpm (81-85%): 10.8%
HR Zone: 169-177bpm (86-90%): 66.4%
HR Zone: 177-184bpm (91-95%): 15.6%