Running log week commencing 21 June 2010

Monday 21 June
Rest day

Tuesday 22 June
7PM – 6.24m – Race – 49:21 – 7:55 – hr 171 (86% WHR)

Todays race was good it was the first of the HPRC Heritage Grand Prix at Holme Pierrepont and although I was hoping for a PB with it being a fast course I think the heat got to me. But I managed to not go off too quickly and stick within my HR zone pretty much all the way round which was my goal so all good.

Full race report here

Wednesday 23 June
5PM – 2.38 – Recovery Run – 22:12 – 9:20 – hr 145 (69% WHR)

This with hindsight should of perhaps been a rest day and I would be interested to hear other people thoughts on recovery runs between races and whether there is any benefit compared to the recovery runs we do between training sessions.

Thursday 24 June
7PM – 4.03m – Race – 29:21 – 7:17 – hr 171 (86% WHR)

I’d had stiff legs all day and was worried I’d over done it and they would be too tired for the race but by the end of the day they were feeling much better and great for the race. Again pretty much stuck to the HR zone throughout the race and in fact went above and beyond several times without any knows adverse effects.

Full race report here

Looking forward to next week’s 5k and a new PB by default but if I can get near or break the 21:47 prediction based on this result I will be happy but if I get under 20 I will be over the moon!

Friday 25 June
Rest day

Saturday 26 June
11AM – 26.86m – Cycle general – 3:21:39 – 7:30 – hr 98 (38% WHR)

Just a nice casual ride down the cloud trail which goes from Derby to Worthington in Leicestershire and back.

Sunday 27 June
Rest day

So weekly mileage = 43.74 +14.16 from last week.