Privacy bodies back Google step

Some great news from Google… Privacy bodies have welcomed Google’s decision to anonymise personal data it receives from users’ web searches. Excellent news, one of my concerns around how Google was moving was in the amount of information it was capturing through its various applications and tools. I don’t quite see how some businesses can … [Read more…]

Net giant supports open ID scheme

Taken from the BBC. AOL has joined Microsoft in supporting Open ID, giving the free identification scheme 63 million new users. OpenID is a decentralised identification system that lets individuals use a single password for any site that supports it. This is great news for Open ID which has been slow to take off despite … [Read more…]

Cloning the smell of the seaside

Apparently the smell of the sea is more important than the cure for cancer!! Scientists from the University of East Anglia have discovered exactly what makes the seaside smell like the seaside — and bottled it. The age-old mystery was unlocked thanks to some novel bacteria plucked from the North Norfolk coast.