Running log week commencing 21 June 2010

Monday 21 June Rest day Tuesday 22 June 7PM – 6.24m – Race – 49:21 – 7:55 – hr 171 (86% WHR) Todays race was good it was the first of the HPRC Heritage Grand Prix at Holme Pierrepont and although I was hoping for a PB with it being a fast course I think … [Read more…]

Running log week commencing 14 June 2010

Not a great deal to say this week it is another easy week due to races coming up next week I did however find out that my min heart rate has change or maybe I had it wrong initially but it is now 41bpm down from 50. I’m not sure what difference or effect this … [Read more…]

Running log week commencing 7 June 2010

Monday 7 June Rest day Tuesday 8 June 5PM – 6.93m – General – 1:00:00 – 8:39 – hr 157 (75% WHR) I went out for a run and expected myself to be a little stiff and aching even the return of shin splints etc but was pleasantly surprised to find none of the above … [Read more…]

Week commencing 31 May 2010

Tuesday 1 June 12PM – 6.59m – General run – 1:00:00 – 9:06 – hr 155 (74% WHR) Wednesday 2 June 12PM – 4.14m – Recovery run – 39:12 – 9:28 – hr 147 (68% WHR) Went out with a colleague for a nice gentle run, was nice not to have the watch beeping at … [Read more…]

May month end running summary

Big improvements in terms of distance over previous months but no discernable performance improvements but then I find it hard to tell with this type of training as I am generally running slower than I would normally oh and it is obviously far too early anyway to be spotting any improvements in the first month … [Read more…]

Week commencing 24 May 2010

Weekly report beginning 24 May – Monday 24 May Rest day Tuesday 25 May 12PM – 3.31m – Recovery run – 30:00 – 9:04 – hr 148 (69% WHR) This was my first run after the race on Sunday wasn’t feeling 100% and needed to rest this week so thought I would go out for … [Read more…]

Week commencing 17 May 2010

Monday 17 May Rest day Tuesday 18 May 5PM – 6.3m – General – 1:00:00 – 9:31 – hr 156 (75% WHR) Having had a couple of days off I was really up for a run and raring to go however it seemed like another case of mind over body and while I was up … [Read more…]

Week commencing 10 May 2010

Ah another week nearly over and it has been a mixed bag and to be honest not quite sure I know how I feel after it. Monday 10 May 6PM – 8.89m – Hill work – 1:25:34 – 9:36 – hr 158 (76% WHR) Mondays are usually my rest day but not having had a … [Read more…]