My first ramble…

Went to the pub the other night with a long time mate from school and as you do got talking utter rubbish such as.. These virtual worlds that have cropped up, people put real money into a virtual world to be replaced by virtual credits that allow them to buy virtual items that so that … [Read more…]

IE and Firefox 2

So what’s the deal? What’s different from previous versions, is it worth the upgrade, what separates these two browsers and which one is better…? These are all valid questions, although some not as easy to answer as others. Hopefully this breakdown won’t be me trying to influence you one way or another because quite frankly … [Read more…]

Hello world…

So cliche… This is the first of hopefully many posts where I will be talking about all sorts of IT related topics that catch my eye or that just need a mention. It’s a bit like a first date – all new, exciting, full of possibilities and promise….sigh..but we haven’t even been introduced yet. So … [Read more…]

update on the text parser

Well I haven’t done an update on this because well I don’t really have much to say. At the moment I’m playing around with the sorting of the data once it has been read, the parser has also been moved to the back burner as more important work has come up. Tonight I’m out with … [Read more…]

Text file parsing or not…

Tonight I have mostly been trying to create a text parser…. and it hasn’t been easy!! I have a text file that is loosely formatted, now my task that I chose to accept was to create a .Net app that would read this text file extract the various bits of information I needed and then … [Read more…]


For those who like the Minority Report read on. This was posted on one of the many forums I frequent I thought it was great, if you have seen the Minority Report and the computers or computer screens they use and always thought wouldn’t it be cool if we could well maybe soon we can… … [Read more…]