Week commencing 3 May 2010

Running log for the week commencing 3 May 2010 – Monday 3 May Rest day. Tuesday 4 May 4.44 miles – 39:11 – 8:50 min/mile – 166 avg bpm – 177 max bpm – 82% WHR My original training plan had running to and from work on a Tuesday and Thursday but after this run … [Read more…]

A week in

I am now a week into my new training regime and a lot has happened this week. I’ve had my first training run with my Garmin and first run using WHR (working heart rate) which I will try to explain in another post and of course we’ve had a hung parliament but that is something … [Read more…]

A running man

It is about time I updated this blog I’ve been a bit busy of late and this has been the last thing on my mind however I’m slowly getting more organised and I seem to have a new lease of life and so I thought I would start sharing it. This blog is going to … [Read more…]

Mac vs PC

I know it is just another YouTube video I will get around to writing my own content soon but this is an excellent vid –